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Knives and Nukes: the content of recent dreams

I thought I'd write down the content of some of my more recent dreams so that all of my readers can be as disturbed as I am.

First, there's the dream where I have the surgery but the nerve block doesn't/won't work and I can feel them cutting my foot up and trying to put it back together. Don't even try to convince me that surgery is no big deal.. It will help once I know for sure that I'm having it or that I'm not.

Next, there's the dream I have about nuclear (or nuculer as some would say), stuff. When dearest sister and I went shopping, we saw this really weird frog toy that was rubbery and jellylike (creappy part #1) and that had a light up red face (creappy #2). So then I had a dream that this frog was croaking at me (the toy did croak), and everything was glowing while in the background, Kneeplay from "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass was playing. Weird and creepy piece anyway, but with the creepy frog... Ugh!


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