Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Who's the president?

There's another controversy going on at Galaudet University, the only university designed completely for students who are deaf. It's an interesting discussion.

First, a little bit of background: In 1988, the board chose a president who was not deaf. The students protested and won and a deaf president was selected. In this case, I think the students were absolutely right; how can a college or university say "we believe in the power of (fill in your favorite minority here), but we still haven't had a president who fits that category."?

Now, I don't feel like I have the power to judge. I'm not there. I don't know the candidate. I only have a short news article. But a few questions are lingering in my mind this morning, so I'll reflect a bit.

First, I'm at a women's college. I wonder what had to happen for us to have a woman president? I should know this, but did we have one from the first day? If not, why not? Did students here have to organize or did it happen subtley? What would we do if we didn't like the president who was selected? How much of a right do we have to protest? When it's no longer a matter of discrimination, do we suck it up and deal with it? The following quote struck me, and I'm not sure how I feel about it:

Jordan told them this is not another Deaf President Now movement -- it's not a civil rights issue. A student said, "No, they didn't listen to us," just
as the board ignored student demands in 1988.

Jordan said: "Students were heard. They just didn't agree with you."

Like I said, i don't really have an opinion, just a lot of questions. Read the article, then, if you're willing, tell me what you think.
Ideas Exchanged as Protest Continues at Gallaudet (printer friendly, easier with a screen reader)

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