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A red letter day??

The IEP went well, although we need to discuss the bull.
I had put a bull on the cover of my stock market report (because pictures were required). Anyway, I really had no idea what it lookeed like. My economics teacher was there and showed mom and dad the paper, dad said "He says he's seen this bull before." I said "I'm sorry!" Thinking I'd used a really bad or common graphic. Dad says "I was talking about the picture not the contents of your paper." That made everyone laugh.
We had crispy creams for sale today at school. I love those!
What else? The three blind mice costume was a huge success! I'm done with the editorial.
Other than that, the IEP drained me. I'm tired and not sure how to process thoughts and what I want to write.

Gonna go now! I think I'll find a book and let the BN read it to me.



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