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Making it work...

I wasn't happy to find out that I got an 86 percent on my psychology test, but at least I got a 19/20 on the reaction paper I did. I took a risk with it, so it's nice that I wasn't slapped for it with a bad grade. The perfectionist in me really wonders where that other point went.

I was still in too much pain today, so we contacted the pain clinic and I'm going in for a block on Wednesday. I wish I could've tolerated it until school is out because this will make me miss two of my classes and probably three if I'm going to be good and not "go to work" like they want.

In sociology, we got our papers back and I got a perfect score (was it a 50 point paper?). She liked it so much she read an excerpt in class. That really surprised me, but it's nice to know I did at least one thing right.

So now I just have to relax and make it to Wednesday. Oh, and do laundry at some point, how could I forget?


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