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A mostly good day

Today has been good although tiring. I had a meeting of the local blindness consumer organization I belong to. It was good, and it went quicker than I expected it to. Then Mom and I went to coffee with friends. So all in all it was good. I'm very tired and sore. My stress level isn't helping the pain any. My bookport has been really flaky lately, but resets or removing the batteries were solving the problem (removing the batteries is a troubleshooting method). But now not even that's working. It's like it's switching itself off and on by itself. I may see if I can find any loose wires. But I fear it will have to be sent back. That's not awful since I can just read on my BrailleNote and Plextalk. And when I need something that fits into my pocket I can create mp3's of the texts using
Text Aloud use the MuVo. I'd like to figure out what the deal is soon, though, so that if I have to have surgery I can at least read my Audible books on my book port. I could theoretically read them on the MuVo if I actually new how to transfer them I guess. But I don't, so yeah...

This is not the end of the world, just one more stressor that I don't need.


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