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The irony

I was on the phone with mom and she said something about "if the doctor doesn't call on Friday", I should call her. My pain levels have been high (although they are manageable today which is good). So I had said that if they didn't get better, I'd call the pain clinic, but was waiting to find out what the MRI said. So, anyway, I told mom that if the doctor called before Monday (when she would be back at the clinic where I go), I'd be very surprised. Actually, I said something to the effect of "If she does call before Monday, I'll assume I have a disease eating away my bones."

Guess what happened. About a half hour later, the phone rings. It's someone calling for the doctor. You can imagine what's going through my head right now. Thankfully, nothing is eating away my bones. The tendon on the inside of my ankle is slightly inflamecd. And the ligament on the bottom of my foot is mildly sprained. I was supposed to call and get a follow up appointment to discuss our next steps (punn not intended). That's not happening until May 8th. I'm grateful she got back to me so soon!

I'm not sure what will happen. I'm guessing this stuff goes along with how unstable my foot is. It also tells us that the injuries from before haven't healed because that sounds exactly like the report from November's MRI.

Okay, back to reading. Tests sare evil, papers are evil, studying is evil, especially when you can't concentrate. I just want to curl up with a good book. Instead, I'm trying to not sleep through my psychology textbook.


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