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Let's extinguish the anguish for which we're to blame and save the world from goin' down in flames

Today was pretty good! I had fun most of the time I guess. We're all suing each other in personal law. Working in econ on supply and demand. I'm working hard on my editorial for journalism. I'm also going to revamp the suicide prevention article and write an article about journaling. Cool stuff! Russian Civ rocks. Discussing the Russian Revolution.
Took Baxter in for more shots. Saw Mrs. Miller there. She's so awesome!
What else? Reading the Braille Forum.
Need to find lyrics for Rasputin's HMO I guess.
Very happy about a book I want being on Bookshare.
Dressing up as one of the 3 blind mice tomorrow.
Have my IEP tomorrow too.
Other than that, TTYL!



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