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Appointment report

I'm not sure if I even wrote that I had a doctor's appointment with my poediatrist today, but I did, so there. Anyway, I figured I'd write stuff down here in case I actually said I was going to have the appointment. This also means I'll have the entry to refer back to if I need it.

First and most important: If I hear anyone ask if they can take a look at my foot within the next twenty-four hours, I cannot be held responsible for what I do. Is that established? Good.

First, I learned the following statics about myself: I have gained the freshman 30 (that's not a typo). My BP was pretty good for me: 133/844 with a pulse of 90. She was struggling to find my BP because it was hard to hear. For a while I was wondering if I'd died and didn't know it. While that's one solution to RSD, it seems extremely drastic to me. No, I don't want to die either.

Then the doctor came in. She examined me and I spent a lot of time biting my lip. The good news was that I didn't give myself a lip piercing in the process. She asked me to go up on my toes and I kept putting my weight on the good foot. Apparently, that's cheating (darn!). She had me get standing x-rays. My favorite quote of the week: "On x-ray, your foot looks healthy, but that's just not what I'm seeing clinically."

We've known for a long time that my foot is unstable and way too flexible. That's why I keep getting it injured and causing RSD flare ups. They wanted to do surgery last year, but because Julio and I were a new team and I was concerned about the surgery causing RSD to flare, I didn't have the surgery. But then I injured myself again and have had more times of my foot giving out on me. Julio and I are a good enough team (please don't think I'm conceded for saying this), that it will be okay for me to have the surgery. I know that with RSD there are increased risks, but we're completely out of conservative options at this point. Even if we could get the RSD to stop flaring for a while, I'd be likely to injure the foot again and flare it.

So I'm having another MRI tomorrow. And She'll call me back next week and let me know what the results are. Then we'll decide about the surgery.

In other words? I'm between a rock and a hard place.


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