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A joyous day.

Today has been really good. I went to church to the sunrise service and the youth did an excellent job. It was cool to have a youthful perspective on the Easter celebration. It was also nice to not feel like I had to lead or anything. They did "For The Moments I Feel Faint" by Relient K which happens to be one of my favorites. I definitely had a lot of goose bumps. It was also cool to view the service in a theological lens based on the stuff I'm learning in class. You'd think that would be a negative thing, but instead, I'm enjoying the chance to learn and see what I'm learning in action. I may not like the amount of work I do for school, but I still love to learn... anyway.

Breakfast was excellent. Although the school cafeteria tries, they can't come close when it comes to breakfast. This was absolutely great. I'm only now getting hungry for lunch and I ate about 5 hours ago. Carmel French-toast, bacon, egg bake, croissants... It was great.

Since I'd already been to one service, I stayed out in the Narthex and chatted with people but still listened to the music. The hymns were extra joyous today. Someone did a latergical dance to "I Am" by Mark Schultz. That is also one of my favorites. Then, the choir (and others who wanted to join them) did the Halailuiuh Chorus. After studying the Barroque period and learning something about Handel and the Messiah, it was cool to hear it live. Since my medication makes me hourse and I didn't know a specific part, I stayed outside. But we all applauded afterward and I was singing in my heart if you know what I mean.

I got to get and give a lot of hugs and catch up with others. I got coffee and came home here and got my paper done.

The pain has been high, but I'm grateful I got to enjoy this beautiful day. I have been more open about my struggles with faith this weekend. I was always afraid to do that. But now I am starting to feel comfortable with sharing these things.

I'm so grateful I've gotten to enjoy the day despite my pain. I hope everyone had a great day even if you don't choose to celebrate Easter. You're my friends and I wish I could share this joy with you.


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