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The benefits of taking the ologies

I've joked with friends that this semester is the "ology" semester. Psychology, sociology and theology. Surprisingly, topics in one often come up in another class. Taking a class called "Stages of Christian life" and a class on developmental psychology means that I often find one lesson talks about the other.

I find that I'm more comfortable learning things from a theological perspective first, then trying to understand the psychological perspective. One criticism I have for psychology is that I don't see much room left over for faith. When I took classes in high school, it seemed like you had to choose one or the other. It's exciting to learn that I don't have to do that.

What brought this on is the fact that names keep coming up in class and I can go "OOH! I remember this." Terms and names are not my strength, but at least the "ologies" have a little less mystery.

I absolutely love these chances to learn.

And I have a total writer's block. I'm in a fog right now.


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