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It's not supposed to happen.

Within the last 24 hours, I've learned of two deaths that happened way too early. First, I learned that one of my cclassmates in high school was killed in a car accident. I'm embarrassed that I can't put the voice with the name. People assume that I know who I'm talking to, and unfortunately in high school, I didn't ask as much as I should have.

This morning, I learned of a death that stung. Dean Jackson, the BrailleNote Product Specialist, passed away suddenly in his home. I'm not seeing the announcement up on
Humanware's web site
but I know it's been posted to the

I knew Dean from beta testing and seeing him on the Humanware lists. He was the guy who usually had to call me if I got myself into a jam during tests. The betas rarely had that happen. But I knew that if something serious did happen, he'd be calling me to help fix it. He often added a touch of humor to what can be a stressful time. Beta testing can be intense, as it should be, to catch bugs and make suggestions. But touches of humor always helped lighten the mood.

I certainly didn't know him as well as Humanware staff, nor did I participate in the BrailleNote discussion list, but it's still a loss that stings.

I really can't write tributes, but may my former class mate, as well as Dean Jackson rest in peace. I'm praying for all those who knew them.

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