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But not a real green dress.... that's cruell!

I did okay on the eval. I learned several new things about the city of St. Paul.

  • There are such things as double driveways with alley ways in between

  • It is sometimes possible to find out the address of a building by feeling the raised numbers.

  • My main problem is ignoring the harsh city lights and not being creeped out in the dark.

  • Yellow blinking lights mean caution

Over all, I held up well. It was a bit cool out. But it worked.
Today we had our church bizarre (spelling??). I had the best carmel roll, and the soup is always great. Mom and I have an Idea of something we want to do. Make a bag like I use now, with a little more color, I think I want it bigger with a pocket inside. It could fit Braille books and I'm thinking a zipper might be good so I can use it for overnight stuff. I got a few nice crafts, and we'll definitely be eating well for a while!
Tonight I'm goin' to Kahn's Mongolian barbeque with Alyssa. It should be great! Hopefully I'll get some sleep in between.
Oh, yeah, I found an accessible atm in Flaketown!! It's at Wells fargo. I'm extremely happy!! It's outside, which isn't the best when it's cold, but at least it's always there.
Well, I should go. I'm feeling better today!



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