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One of the goals I'm setting for myself is to learn ways of dealing with/managing/reducing stress in my life. One of the things that calms me, unfortunately, is walking. Obviously, that is stupid to do too much of when you have RSD. So lately, I've been thinking of ways to reduce stress in a healthy way. This, unfortunately, doesn't mean drinking three hundred shots of espresso a day.

One thing that seems to help is visualizations. I'm not very good with the kind of visualizations that make you try to imagine your pain and lessen it. I don't want to think about my pain any more than I have to. But lately, I've found imagining walking around my favorite places. Visualizations can also be a form of prayer, or help with getting in a prayerful mindset. It's been a while since I've thought of these things, but now I think this may be a good idea.

Fortunately, I don't have to visualize a good day outside. It's absolutely gorgious! I will not walk more than I should... I will not walk more than I should... Darn it!


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