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It's been a while!

Hey Everyone!
Well, I didn't die, I've just been busy. I've had a lot of work to do, and been too crabby. I couldn't stand to be around myself, so I figured I wouldn't make you do it either. Anyway, here's the scoop
I don't remember much of last week, although I do remember that Friday I got my yearbook. This year, my vission teacher is brailling what kids write in it. It's cool!
Then I was pretty much in pain, so I went on the pain killers for Friday And Saturday. I couldn't have figured out anything like turning the computer on.
On Monday I go to the pediatrist for a second oppinion. It's getting so bad that I'm having to keep it in an ace bandage all the time.
But onto the fun stuff. As crappy as parts of this year are, I have to say, I have some really good friends. They're close to me, and they want to help me, but not because I'm blind, it's 'cause they're my friends. It's really good. I just keep remembering that when I can't sleep. I think of their funny jokes and it makes me smile and then I go to sleep. I think of church friends, online friends and school friends, and know they're out there pulling for me.

Well, I should try to sleep, even though I can't. thanks everyone for being there!


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