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Batten down the hatchees!!

These ladybugs or whatever they are are crazy! There are tons and tons of them! One actually thought it could get away with touching my BrailleNote! How dare it!!!
I did take a nap, so at least I'm not dizzy anymore, but I did end up with a minor bloody nose. Go figure!
Dad's putting in a phone jack closer to the dining room table, so maybe we'll get better conection speed. I wish Baxter hadn't chewed our phone chord!
mentioned using Winamp to wake up... Sounds interesting. Must research more!
Other than that, rousing discussions at the table at dinner about Christianity, especially Predestination. I've decided I'm not a fan of established religion. I am, however a huge fan of God, Jesus and the Bible, but the crap that gets thrown out here in the name of Christianity sometimes just makes me sick. But that's a whole new journal entry!
Sometimes I wish I had all day to write, and the energy span to write it. I'd love to go into it in more detail! For now, let me just post
This link to an interesting article

Interesting stuff.



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