Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

All for a piece of chocolate cake.

I guess this is the way I find out if anyone (and by anyone I mean staff) from
Guide Dogs for the Blind
is reading this blog. I'll either get a comment saying as much, or I'll get a call on the cell phone about this. So here's the story of what I went through just to get a piece of cake:

The trays our school uses in the cafeteria are not conducive to being carried in one arm, at least not if you have food on them. Maybe it's my lack of strength, but I just don't do so well at carrying trays. This is important, because the last time I looked, I didn't sproute an extra left hand, and I can't actually work Julio through the line. This means I do a modified heel command and we fumble our way through the caf.

Now, luckily, I've made a few friends here, and one of them was helping guide me today. She works in the coffee shop in the mornings which is where I got to know her. Luckily for me this semester, when I get done with my Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes, she's in the caf. Anyway, since she was guiding me, I decided to get dessert. I got this excellent piece of chocolate cake, and we headed out to pay and then for a table. I forgot to grab silverware, so after I'd finished the lunch part of lunch, I went to grab a fork so that I could effectively and appropriately enjoy all that chocolatie goodness.

First rule of safety with light and color perception: walk slowly.
Second rule: Be sure what you're looking at is empty space and not a wall.
Now back to the story: Since I wasn't sure I'd find my original table again, I took the tray with me so that I could actually use the silverware to eat the cake. As I'm walking along, minding my own business, trying to use my vision which I really don't do that well, this wall springs up out of nowhere. Well, actually, it was a pillar, but you've got the idea right? I got to see just how much fun getting a tray jammed into your stomach is and find out where exactly two-layer chocolate cake goes when given the chance. Can I say, for therecord, that there is no way a blind woman can examine her own shirt without looking awkward?

I did get the cake, so all was good. I even did a good job of rinsing it out of the shirt which makes me very happy. When thingslikethis happen, it's not the end of the world. But it does make you appreciate the sweet moments more. That cake was sure good after all of this.


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