Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Usability of Braille and Audio Output Technologies

This presentation was something I wanted to go to because I wanted to see if there were any new findings. This study was basically a quantitative study which tells me what I already know as a some who was pretty recently a blind kid. She's still in the process of collecting as much data as possible.

Basically, what she found was that Braille is used more in school, but for leisure reading, kids prefer audio. Interestingly, parents have a different view what the kids prefer than their teachers do. Part of this may be the speed. Audio can be sped up. It's quick and efficient and gets the homework done faster. For leisure reading, audio is more portable, thus, more appealing. But in the classroom, kids use braille because it doesn't isolate them from the other students.

The thing I found most helpful was seeing how she presented the information and what questions were asked. When I do my senior project, I'll need to know these things.

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