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Firefox on a Thursday morning

The Firefox presentation was extremely interesting. The presenters discussed the benefits of open source software as well as the things they are doing to make Firefox accessible. I'm hesitant to say too much about this because I didn't follow all of it completely (the coffee wasn't completely in effect).

The demo, however was very cool. Glen Gordon of Freedom Scientific demonstrated JAWS with Firefox. He showed tabbed browsing, which I guess is supposed to be cool. Personally, I like alt tabbing between browser windows. I can do that just as quickly. He demonstrated the search features which were pretty cool. I have to say, I liked the tagging history feature a lot. Then they showed ajax and a spreadsheet feature. This is cool, but will the average user know how to use it?

There was a bit of humor as well as flank questioning from the audience. That was probably my favorite part.


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Apr. 2nd, 2006 11:15 am (UTC)
tabbed browsing
You have to think about tabbed browsing from a sighted perspective, for this is a feature of firefox, not of jaws.
It is true that we as blind people cah hit alt-tab, but the reason we have to do this is because each browser page is in its own window. WIth tabbed browsing, you see the current page you are on, but across the top of the screen are tabls representing your other webpages. A sighted person, if she wants to compare prices on an item, could pull up four pages, create tabs for them, then very simply click between all four without switching windows. It is like creating a multi-tab dialogue full of webpages.
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