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Suspense is mounting and it's only 6 hours later.

Well... I did it!! I applied to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Now I have to hope that I'm good enough! I have this issue though, I didn't know my visual acuity! How do they measure that when you can't see shapes, only light and colors?? But at least I have something exciting to look forward to! I'm nervous, but I'll just trust that if I'm going to make it, God will help me, and if not, there's a darn good reason! Several people reading this journal have helped me to decide whether to get a Guide Dog, and to them, I say thank you! I'm definitely not accepted yet!! But I hope I do get accepted!
A few hours ago, Baxter made me remember what will be tough about having a dog. Dad was sweeping up dead ladybugs, and Baxter is scared of the broom. I came over and held Baxter, and asked dad to bring the broom over. He did, and Baxter tried to get out of my arms. We tried to calm him down, and I thought we'd succeeded, so I let him go. He tried to run, so Dad and I grabbed him to calm him down. He peed all over my leg! Ug! Those jeans could have been worn again!!
Oh well, it's kind of funny now!
I'm still having a hard day, and realizing I still need to call metro transit about tomorrow's O&M eval. I hope they open early. Better go look up the phone number!
Well, that's gonna be all so I can get a fairly good sleep!


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