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One last update for the day

Julio has been very very good about not jumping on the bed here at school. I don't feel right about letting him on the bed here, since I know that I'm already receiving accommodations from Residence Life. Anyway, tonight, as I was laying down (if I lay on my back for a while after eating or drinking, the nausea is slightly better). Julio jumped up and was pushing himself againstme. So cute. Some days, I feel really sorry for this puppy. He never signedup for this when he was training to be a guide dog. He's taken on so much that I never expected a dog could or would take on. I don't understand it, but his tail still wags when he sees me.

In other news, I did get dinner. Basically all the cafhas that resembles good food when you're sick is grilled cheese. It took almost an hour to eat that, taking bites, waiting to feel better, drinking tiny sips of sprite, waiting to feel better, repeating the process. Now, it's time to sleep... Maybe.


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