Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Symptoms and concerns

Like I did the day I was diagnosed with RSD the second time in November, I've written down a list of symptoms and concerns. I wish it were more organized, but it's hard to think critically when you feel this bad. It's behind the cut if you want the gory details. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. The appointment is almost first thing tomorrow (Friday).

Symptoms and concerns
The pain has been at higher than normal levels since March 13.
My average levels are above a 7 for the last week.
For the last few weeks (the same time as the pain increase), I've been nauseous due to the pain. I eat, but not very much and not very well (lots of soups, rice etc.).
I vomited once, Saturday night.
The activity levels at the conference I attended were high, but I sat as much as possible, avoided walking when possible, avoided stairs. The pain levels did not seem to respond appropriately.
I have found sitting, especially in lecture or meeting settings with minimal legroom is more painful, even though I am not doing any weight bearing.
The pain extends up my leg sometimes, cramping in my lower leg, pain in thigh, especially when I need to pat my leg for "heel" and "sit" commands for Julio.
The swelling was the worst I have ever seen last week, though it has decreased some this week.
People have noticed dark discoloration, but not constantly.
On March 21, the colder temperature was also present in my knee.
My foot and ankle feel stiff.
It is difficult to do physical therapy exercises because of the pain, especially since I need to be able to walk to classes.
Concentrating on schoolwork is almost impossible at these pain levels.
I receive approximately 4 hours of relief (if I'm lucky, pain levels drop by 2 points) with Lyrica.
Is Lyrica something I should be taking as needed or constantly? I have taken the maximum dose of 75MG 3x daily.
Lidoderm is helpful, but I find the 12 hours without it very difficult. Is there anything I can do about this?

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