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Balancing act

I still haven't gotten over the nausea I've had all morning. Yesterday and the day before it was manageable, but not this morning. I tried a bath with lavender and chamomile, no dice. I have done numerous exercises of taking deep breath. No luck there either. I may try drinking Sprite, although ginger ale is supposed to work better for pain related nausea. There is a co-op across from Brewberry's, but I'm not sure if the pain of walking there would cause more nausea and consequently negate the effects of the ginger ale. If I did go there, they might not even carry it, and how does one carry a 12 pack while working a dog?

One of the people I work with in disability services had offered to get some and bring it in on Tuesday, but I felt I was getting this under control then. I should have taken her up on the offer I guess, but I kind of felt like I should be handling this stuff on my own. Anyway, I can't decide what to do. Do I try Sprite? Mint tea? Knocking my head against a wall and nocking myself out (I'm kidding on that last one... sort of.) This is awful. I'm supposed to be doing something for French drama club tonight, but don't know if that's such a good idea. Maybe I'll email our director and explain that I'm not feeling well. I feel bad about bugging out, but this is awful.

another thought is whether there's something else causing me to be sick to my stomach? I could go to health and wellness, but I don't want to deal with this. This is awful.



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Mar. 30th, 2006 07:56 pm (UTC)
Please feel better soon!
I've had pain-induced nausea too many times to count - it's just a horrible feeling. It's one of those horrible feelings that you want to get rid of right away (if that's at all possible.) My drug allergies include all of the nausea/vomiting medications!

The doctor gave me a prescription for Ativan. That works for me and I'm glad I have the medication when I need it. I also chew on ice chips or slowly sip something like Sprite or ginger ale. When I got sick on vaction in New England -- I got some Birch Beer. Drinking a little bit at a time got me over the nausea real quick to I could get back to enjoying my holiday.

I like taking a can of Classic Coca-Cola and leave it open in the refrigerator. The result is an old-time remedy called, "Coke Syrup" with no fizz. It's wonderfully comforting and gets rid of the nausea in a non-narcotic form. We used to be able to get it in the pharmacy. Mom would give us a tablespoon at a time, until the nausea passed. The pharmacist always knew when one of us kids were sick when my Mom walked in and asked for the Cola Syrup.

Another method was given to me by my general practioner doc. It is a patch that you put behind your ear. It's used for motion sickness but I found that it worked wonders for my pain-caused nausea. This wasn't over-the-counter, like the weak ones. As soon as I put it behind my ear; I lay down for about 20 minutes and I felt better within the hour. It would let me move up to eating crackers and on up to toast.
Mar. 31st, 2006 01:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Please feel better soon!
Thanks, those are very good tips!
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