Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Daisy Primer

This class was about why
and it's adoption worldwide and even some into the mainstream.

First, they explained that there are different types of Daisy books, some are full text, some are full audio, some are both and some even have images.

Then, they demonstrated using a Daisy book (Journey To Independence) to demonstrate the features of Daisy on three different players. The first player was EaseReader, and it did a great job of navigation, but I hated its speech synthesizer. Then, they showed the book being played on a Maestro which I liked. The book had to be transfered from CD to compact flash card, which is nothing new since I use a BookPort. Finally, they showed the book on an mp3 CD player. This wouldn't work with protected content such as RFBD's AudioPlus books. This would have worked fine, if you didn't want to skip around any, but you lose all of the rich Daisy navigation features.

One of the coolest things, for me, was actually seeing them search the book and find what they wanted to read. The book was full text and audio with images. This, in my opinion, is so cool. I really hope they adopt the full text and audio format more widely.

For more information, visit
The Daisy Consortium's Web Site
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