Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Rest of day 1.

Nothing really techy has happened, but I wanted to write anyway. so far, it's been very fun, seeing friends, learning the lay of the land, being in an accessible environment. I've found that that's not as huge of a deal since in some ways, college is very accessible, but not completely. There is something really enjoyable about being handed a hotel key marked so you can tell how to put it in, getting a Braille menu at dinner and having ample accessible areas for doggy relief. There is something equally nice about hearing others tell you "There's a guide dog here, that's why he's distracted", instead of wondering.

The common experiences are extremely enjoyable. It's not as crucial to me now, though, as it was in high school. I feel okay about myself. Not so timid and scared. Sure, I'm concerned about being accepted, but I also know that I have a place where I can really excel.

I'm less nervous about navigating this environment, because once you've done
in Vegas, you really have a different perspective on the world.

Oh, almost forgot, I had this rice bowl for dinner, it was Japanese, and I even ate the vegetables without making big faces.

Tags: csun2006

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