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And there was spring break and there was much rejoycing. I survived the day! Other than having intense pain during a few episodes, it was barable.

Now that I have turned in everything I had to, i can sort of relax. I have a paper I need to write over spring break, and hopefully it won't be too awful. I'm okay at any other type of writing than psychology writing. I think I understand concepts, but I don't like to deal with observations. Luckily, this is more narrative than lab report.

Today was a long day. I didn't even eat lunch until almost 4 this afternoon if that tells you how busy it was. Needless to say, I'm going to be ready for bed when the time comes.

I'm at home now, and although I dislike not having personal space all to myself, I do like that I've appropriated the recliner, and with WiFi, i'm able to type and elevate my foot somewhat at the same time.

So after all of the concern I've had for having a good professional, or at least respectable appearance at CSUN, i fell today and scraped my knuckle. Yep, that looks real professional!

Lidoderm is my friend.


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