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Well, this is my third post for the day, which either means I've had an interesting day, or that I'm a compulsive journaler. I'm just somewhat ticked off right, I guess you could ticked off about dumb stuff, but I'm in a weird group demographically without blindness, and that's making it hard to find stuff that I want to watch or read in accessible formats!
I'm a teenager who doesn't like dirty stuff or care about sports or gosip. I love reading stuff with clear morals, but I'm too lazy to read it if it's got a ton of big words, and I prefer fiction. Plus I pick favorite authors. And to top it off I don't like books on tape because I'm too good at losing the tapes. One option might be audible at
But I'm not made of cash and can't tell if it's 20 dollars a month or a year. If it's $20 a year, I'm good. If not, there's no way!!
What ticks me off is that I know what I want, but it's not in the format I want. Plus if I were to use talking books, I'd have to call the library for the blind which creeps me out because I hate making phone calls. So I'll stick with the limited access but think of ways to change it.
I want to listen to the CD's I got this weekend, which I may do tomorrow. My goal is to listen to music and read books this weekend. Take some time to destress. Things seem to be going against me getting exercise. Since I'm having the injections I shouldn't go in the pool for a couple days, but this weekend would be the perfect oppertunity. Apparently exercise is a good memory enhancer, so I should do more of it so I can remember stuff. I'm becoming way too reliant on notes. Another plus for writing life down, I'll be able to remember it.
I'm fascinated by the thought of reading my thoughts a year from now, or twenty years from now.
Wouldn't that be cool??
Well, I should go!



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