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I'm soo tired! I'm sorry, I know I complain a lot, but I'm tired today! Yesterday was okay, I really don't remember much of it which is a bit wierd!
I do remember that it was raining hard! And we had a fire alarm during second hour because of a faulty sensor, and I got kind of wet!! I talked to my deen about some class stuff, and bugged my AP teacher from last quarter and the quarter before that.
The stuff I ordered from seedlings came yesterday! Yeah for Butter Battle Book, Good Night Moon, and a t-shirt that says "If You Can Read This You're Too Close". The power went out at our house for a bit, so we had dinner at AppleBees. Yeah for Braille Menus!
Then we went home, I went to bed soon after, probably eight thirty or so, and woke up at 1. I realized that I hadn't put my BN on the charger, and I needed to, so I did. Then I couldn't sleep. My foot was hurting so bad. Now that it's interfering with my sleep again, I have to take some meds for it again. Like I've said before, that's going to be hilarious!
Today was long because I never got to sleep again!
Other than that, I can't say much else. I hope all is well with everyone!



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