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This little light...

That song by Go Fish has been in my head all day. It's off of their Splash CD which will come out in November. Chuck and John played it this morning.
They did the Almonac this morning which they always do, but they didn't mention White Cane Day, so I sent a very polite nice email telling Chuck about it. I don't know if it generated a response. I was in school, but at least I tried. It wasn't militant or anything. I basically told him that I had noticed they didn't mention it, and I didn't think it was really well known, but I wanted to let him and the listeners know. I also mentioned that guide dogs were another aid for blind people, saying they were another choice. I didn't get into it being the choice I want to make soon, but I did say it was a choice.
Let's see, I learned about car theft in Personal Law. Remind me to lock the doors when I drive around town.
Econ was okay, but I thought I was going to have to get into a contest of wills about an unbrailled quiz. I said if I got a C or less, I was going to want a retest. He said no. I made the point that I was willing to take it orally, but that it would be harder because of the numbers involved. I did take it orally and got a perfect score, so we didn't have to discuss it further, but I know any other student would have "raised Hell" for lack of a better term if they had to take that test orally. WE"RE JUST LUCKY I have a good enough memory and enough patients to take it orally.
My Rocori shootings story got published, but nothing else. We didn't have enough for 12 pages, so we had to cut back to 8, so my piece about White cane Safety day and suicide prevention were cut. But writing them was cool enough!
Russian Cive was cool. Nothing to report there. I was really tired during that point.
Other than that, I think life's normal. Break this weekend!!
Relient K concert tomorrow!! Thumbs up for that!
I'm gonna go!



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