Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

No Secrets

Mom pointed me to
This article
in the newspaper abbout how companies are using blogs and other information available on the internet to make employment decisions. I try not to post anything I wouldn't want to answer for. I've learned painful lessons about that before. But I can understand the concerns. I honestly don't know how the internet and stuff like this will resolve. But I hope when/if employers see my LJ or facebook experiences, they'll see the story of an imperfect person who learns from mistakes and tries to do the right thing.

What does worry me is what others will say about me online...

I honestly think that employers need to take the fact that people are people into account. We automatically assume that if a person joins a facebook group that says something about drinking they're going to be an awful person. That's not true. I have friends who make choices I don't agree with, but they are my friends because they're awesome people. They work hard, they play hard. I'm not saying that going out and drinking makes you a hard worker, but I am saying that what you see online can be a very skewed picture.

Just my thoughts.


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