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Okay, I took the test, so...

Table with 4 columns and 3 rows


Strength of the preferences %

table end
I have no idea why I did this or why I need to know it, but okay. Whatever.
As for the rest of my day. Well, the Braille Skills Inventory wasn't the best it could have been. If anyone asks me why I dropped out of orchestra, can I please point to my attempt at writing Braille music. I can read Braille better than I can write it. And thi informal reading inventory? Well, if the thing I was reading was from this or last century, I could have done it.
I got to write another article that may or may not be published in The Breeze. It's about White Cane day tomorrow. I figure it's about time the kids in my school that helping a blind person doesn't involve screaming "Like oh my God! She's like coming at me with a stick. She's gonna wack me!" Then screaming. The boys are more crude. I'm not saying all boys, just some. And why can't teachers be more mature? I've had them join in. It ticks me off!!
I've got a rant that I need to post as friends only because it's pretty much me ticked off at a specific teacher. I'm just sort of in that mood.
I was a good girl and went through the lunch line. I can't believe I'm still scared of it, and have to force myself to do it still. It's so babyish, but it's me, so I'll deal. I need to get better at this type of thing before college. Otherwise I'm going to loose weight fast! Lol!
There's a book I want to read it's called "The Doctor Will Not see You Now" but it's not a Web Braille book. It sounds good, but I'm not reading it on cassette, and I don't want a four volume book to try to read in hard copy, so I'll think about getting the print and submitting to bookshare.
Other than that, not much accept for sleep deprivation. I wonder if taking 3 tylinol PM would be dangerous, I'm not trying it to find out, but I may talk to the doctor.
I can't wait until break, only one more day of high school for the week!
Well, I'm going to go.



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