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Why does the phraise "despite disabilities" bug me so much coming from a blog about Christianity? I think it has something to do with the implied concept of "if God can help *these* people, surely He can help you" (note the condescention in this phraise). It's awful that I have to say this, but sometimes Christianity can be so unfriendly to people with disabilities or chronic illness.

I've run into many places where this is not true. And I say all of this as a Christian myself, but it's a sad observation. I've run into people who cannot believe that God has a purpose for my blindness and will not accept this. Because I've struggled with wondering these things about my RSD before, I often wonder if people who cannot accept my responses about blindness have a close friend or relative who is going through the early stages of vision loss. I am trying to learn compassion and understand their perspectives. But acceptance of disabilities and a true perspective on what it's like takes time and a willingness to learn. I hope, someday, to learn more about how to help in these areas. What I've learned so far is that all I can do is be myself and try to let God shine through me.

Just my thoughts.

This is what set me off about all of this stuff
I think it's the headline that gets me...


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