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I'll start this entry out with the following anicdote. We had a substitute professor for class today and she showed a film about preschool children and how they understand the world. It was very cute. One exercise had a researcher telling a little kid that a monkey (I'm assuming it was a puppet), always got to choose the sticker (from a two stickers) first. And that monkey always picked the one the child wanted. So they'd send the monkey into another room, ask the child which sticker he wanted (he picks spaceship over Barby). Then they bring the monkey back in. The monkey asks the child which one he wants, he points to the spaceship. That's the one the monkey chooses.

A child 18 months older, however, lies and tells the monkey he wants the Barby. Then comes the best part. The older child looks at the researcher and says "I crossed my fingers."

I still use the cross your fingers method sometimes. When I want to have more energy than I have, if someone asks how I feel, I'll say "fine", with my hand in my pocket and crossing my fingers. Works great! That is, until the fun's over and I realize I'm in too much pain. Aren't I mature.

Other stuff from psychology today. We were talking abouta concept I'm blanking on right now, where a child believes that someone is responsible for whatever happens (i.e., "Mommy makes the flowers grow.") Anyway, she asked for examples. The one that immediately came to mind was when I was little and had a corneal transplant. After that I wouldn't let doctors get close to me at all. I screamed so loud at a dentist that he could count my teeth from across the room. She said that most children blame their parents. I don't know if I did that, but I do know that when I was 17, I blamed my parents for something. A few people know what I'm talking about here. Anyway, Mom and Dad (lj stalkers that you are), I'm sorry.

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