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A few interactions

First, for some time now, I've suspected that each of the two ladies in the coffee shop (well, in the morning anyway), makes my "usual" latte differently. Today, one of them said they'd just discovered the same thing. They were wondering why I hadn't said anything. Apparently, they think I'm a lot less petty about it than most customers. I don't know when not petty ever described me when it comes to food, but whatever.

Next, there was the interaction between the complex coordinator and I.
Her: "You're addicted to coffee."
Me: "Yep. How'd you know?"
Her: "You're always at Brewberry's or having a latte from the school coffee shop."
Another thing that happened recently. We were talking about lent at Sunday school last Sunday and especially the practice of giving things up. I said that I tend to lean toward adding something in. Someone told me that the Methodists (my church), don't require you to give something up. I said "Good, because I would probably stop breathing without coffee."
Our associate pastor who leads the class told me "I only take confessions on Saturdays."

Thest things have been making me laugh and smile.

Also, I recently discovered
The Onion
and I love it!

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