Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A day that made me feel mPowered!

Okay, so the puns are getting a little annoying I'm sure, but that's life. It is, after all, my journal.

We got our papers back in psych. I got a 20 out of 20, which I didn't expect, but was grateful to get. The comments my professor made really made me feel good about my ability to communicate in written form and showed that I accomplished what I wanted to do. I am very happy with this.

Sociology was interesting. We watched a silent movie, but my professor emailed me a synopsis of what happened in it. She appologized that I couldn't access the movie, which was really nice of her. She has done a great job of accomodating my needs and I'm not going to get upset about a silent movie, especially when she goes out of her way to make it more accessible.

In music we did reviewing for the test on Friday. I'm *not* looking forward to that, but I'll survive it. I don't think anyone's ever died from that class before, so I should probably be okay.

Then, I got my mPower back. I love my mPower. I especially love having it bback! I also got some cool stuff for hands, called one minute manicure. It's got a bunch of essential oils in it, and it seems to be working well. It smells great too, which is always a plus. I'm kind of infamous for being a disaster when it comes to aroma therapy and such. This wasn't mixed by me, and it really does smell great.

Mom helped me buy more stuff for my room so that on days when I don't have pain tolerance I can still eat. It also helps because at the end of a day with three classes, I'm at my limit for energy sometimes, so eating in my room is nice.

I'm glad the day has gone well even with waking up too darn early for my own preference. Oh, and thanks to Dad, aka internet stalker, I have a copy of the article I needed. Thanks Dad!!!


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