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Today was okay. I'm starting to come out of the sick coldish fog of sadness I found myself in all week.
We had a speaker in Personal Law. He reconstructs accidents, which wouldn't have been all bad, but he used the board so much I was lost, and he kept telling us to wear our seat belts. Um... As if I didn't know that?? It wasn't exactly my idea of a good time if you know what I mean.
The economics test was okay, I think I did alright. I do wish I'd have been a little less uncomfortable taking it though.
Journalism was cool. I got my first article for sure done, and my suicide one is probably done. Looks like I survived!
Russian Civ was cool. Judy let me go get an ice pack which made me be able to concentrate on something other than the pain in my back although my foot is sore!!
Had a chiropractor appointmnet today. Will report on that more.
I have an
Convention to go to.
See y'all Sunday or sooner depending if I've got net access at the hotel!



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