Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Fun with theology

Julio is testing *again*. I can't say I'm surprised, it's frustrating, but I think I have the will power to deal with it. It could be him protesting, since I'm still feeling okay, he thinks he should walksslow to give me a taste of my own medicine for making him do the same. The pain has been strong, but much much more manageable. It's not so opressive, closer to a 5 than a six I'd say. This is good. I can deal with this.

The professor who's teaching right now until our professor is well enough to come back seems nice, and she's got some interesting ways of approaching the material.
Today we were talking about women's sense of self. We talked about the ways in which women develop a sense of who we are. Basically, relationships are important and it's equally important to be okay with that, let ourselves feel and find an outlet for emotions. Interesting stuff. Then we watched Crash, well, part of it... It was extremely intense, which is why I haven't tried to go to bed yet. There is a lot to digest in that, and I don't quite know how to handle such intense anger and hatred even when it is not personally directed at me.

Next week we're talking about intimacy and how that effects spirituality. It will be interesting to see what she has to say. I'm trying to get the article she asked us to read off the internet, but because of the way the database handles Pdfs, I can't get it to save. I tried printing it to
but it doesn't recognize well. So I appear to be out of luck. If anyone has access to the article "Are You There God, It's me Monica" from the Atlantic in accessible format, I'd be grateful for some help... I'd try scanning the print, but if the Pdf didn't recognize, I have even less confidence that a photocopy of the article will recognize. What fun it is to deal with this stuff.

That's pretty much it from here.


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