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How did that happen? :)

Okay, I definitely sensored that comment for suitability for printing... I can honestly say that's not *exactly* what I said the first time. Remember the test I took after my injection on Thursday? The one I thought I failed? Yeah, I got a 90 percent on it. I am thrilled, positively thrilled! I honestly thought I failed it! And, he told me he liked my paper on development and blind infants (go figure). Maybe I can pull this off after all.

Things with my foot are not as good, but because of the respit I got from the injection I still have enough energy to deal with it. I didn't sink into the deep despair of being back in the pain like I usually do, so I consider that a personal success.

Now, it's time to read my sociology paper and check for errors or things that don't make sense. It was very thought provoking to write and at some point, I'd like to journal on some thoughts that this provoked. Journaling helps me so much!

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