Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


I am an awful guide dog handler. I had brownies somewhere in this room and I can't find them. I should have put them up higher. I bet Julio ate them, bag and all. But the weird thing is he's not showing signs of being sick at all. But I can't believe how stupid I can be. I know better than to leave food out where he can get it. I should have had Mom set the bag on the dresser which is too high for puppies to get to, not the desk where he can probably get them. I'm kicking myself with the good foot. This is so frustrating. If I hadn't grown up around dogs and didn't know so many other handlers, I could see this being an okay mistake.

To make things worse, I accidentally missed lunch and the soup I bot at the co-op was nasty, like eating water with paper in it. So I'm probably over hungry which is contributing to this. I was doing so well earlier, but now I'm too upset to think straight.

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