Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Ice ice baby!

Yep, so I'm definitely making friends with the ice pack. The large welts on my back have gone down in size, but obviously, my back wants to protest the invasion of the needle. I'll ice it for another day or two I think, then it should be back to normal.

We didn't have sociology today, but we did have music. I'm sorry my teacher wasn't able to come today, but glad I only needed one class. I needed the time to recover. I didn't realize I'd be effected this way. I'm not going to Brewberry's tomorrow simply because I was disoriented today and don't want that to happen tomorrow, nor do I want to push RSD foot farther than I should. I want the pain to stay down for as long as possible. This has prompted some questions on my part. I don't know how much to baby my foot to keep the pain away, or how much to try to walk while I can to keep the strength up. I can't believe that I have to ask myself if a block is too much walking.

I'm very tired, but slept for a few hours this afternoon, so I'll stay up for a few hours.



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