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Wow, that's some potent meds

Now I see why the doctor and nurse were concerned about me taking a test the same day as the injection! Double the needles, nduble the fun and disorientation! Nickie equals loopy and out of it. I hereby say that any decision I make in the next day or so is probably not final, and I'm not workyig Julio until tomorrow.

And, the cool thing is that Mom got me what I thought was an mp3 CD of The Witness by Dee Henderson. Turns out, it's even got the necessary files to make a daisy book! Go to
Dee Henderson's web site
to find the link to buy the unabridged audio of The Witness, then on that page, select the mp3 CD version. This is really cool, and I plan to email her and thank her for this, I'll also try to thank the publisher of both the print and audio versions. It's very cool when I can get accessible stuff like this!

Other than that, not much to report. I will be working on my paper more tonight and hope to have a finished copy tonight or early tomorrow. I'm not at all sure I can pull this off the way I feel now. It's a good thing I won't have another injection until after school lets out.


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