Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Injection and related issues

I found out that the report from my poediatrist was never sent to the pain clinic, they didn't know about the other MRI. This frustrates me because they were not kept informed most of last year when she was working with me for the peeroneal tendonitis issues. I'm frustrated that I had to have a second MRI in the first place (although I'm glad that it didn't result in surgery), but it really frustrates me to know that she never reported on the second visit I had with her.

The double block wasn't awful. It was less painful than the single block last time. He wants to do the Radio Frequency ablation (spelling/terminology may be off), which entails burning the nerves. He wanted to do it over spring break, but thankfully I'm gone for that. I'll be doing it after finals week. He says it will make me sore for several days and he doesn't want me to skip classes. I probably wouldn't skip, but I'm glad not to have to worry about that possibility. He says I need sedation for it because the needles are larger, but when I asked him to explain, he said that doesn't mean I have to be knocked out, just that I'll be enough out of it to be comfortable and not remember much afterward. The nurse in recovery said that I will probably think the IV insertion was the worst part.
I drank the juice and ate the cookies really really fast this morning. That's a random tidbit, but whatever. i'm sleepy/loopy, so I'm going to rest.


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