Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Oh, the fun

I learned some interesting stuff about myself as a little one. Let's just say this is going to be an interesting paper to write and I'm not sure how willing I am to share it. It could be embarrassing stuff. Normal kids, when asked to name a smell that is not associated with their house, will name something like a fish market or bakery. I, on the other hand, named skunk. And the fun doesn't stop there! Apparently, when I soiled myself, I used the phraise "diaper problem". I haven't even gotten through all of the stuff yet!

I will be up for another hour because someone decided to leave their clothes in the dryer for two hours, so I have to wait for them to be done. I'm so tired, all I want to do is sleep, but I needed the clean clothes, so I didn't have a choice. My brain is fried and doesn't want to help me think thoughts that can be put into a paper, and I don't want caffene to interfere with what little sleep I'll get before 6 tomorrow morning. Now, I'm going to do... Something...


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