Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

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This week needs to be over!

Why do so many things keep going wrong around me? To put it bluntly, someone I didn't know too well, but knew enough about to know that the person was doing good things in our church died sudenly. My professor from yesterday is in the hospital and may or may not be able to teach next week. I am hearing scary things about employment for people with visual impairments.

I have so much to get done and no energy to do it with. I have no desire to journal which is new for me. In short, I'm numb. I just want to sleep the rest of the week away, sleep through the injection, papers and test, sleep and pretend that none of these things are going on in the world. When I was little, I thought it'd be awesome to be an adult. I love the independence, the chance to try new things and grow, but I hate the pain, suffering and realizations that things go wrong. Still, through it all, there is hope.


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