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Oh, the joys

I talked to my psych professor. The class is getting much much better. I actually got really interested in how development is different and the same for an infant with visual impairments. I talked to him and he suggested that I write a paper based on my experiences. So if you knew me back that far and have anything enlightening to share, please feel free. Unless there's something that will embarrass me, I'll probably share it here.

I love private entries. They give me a great place to burn off some energy/frustration. It's the same old thing really, the idea of how i hate RSD, how it's annoying that I try to be good and do everything I can to keep the pain down and it's not enough. But I'm tired of censoring thoughts, so private entries are a great way to get the frustrations out with all of the exclamations, angry words and frustrations unedited and uncensored for audience appropriateness.

I did sleep well last night. I've figured out that the best schedule is one that makes me take my
at or near bed time. This allows me to have a better chance of sleeping. I'm still not sure what else I can or should be doing. If the doctor says I need the radio frequency (burning of the nerves), I may be more willing to try it. There is one doctor online who is extremely opposed to it, but as far as patients, I've heard mostly good or neutral things. It does scare me because it seems so invasive, but by the same token, RSD has been very invasive. Also, the doctor who doesn't like that procedure doesn't like chocolate and acupuncture, both of which help me. Either way, this week's injection will be a nerve block in two levels of the lumbar, so it will still be invasive and probably painful afterward. If it provids relief, that's all I really care about.

I have a bad case of medicine mouth this morning, but can't drink anything because I still haven't figured out where bathrooms are.

On that note, I'm going to go get ready for class. Hopefully the foot will be somewhat nice. Apparently, that's asking a lot.


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