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Life isn't just a cereal box anymore! And it's weird!!

Well, today is Michael W. Smith's birthday. He's an awesome singer! I got my second hour for fourth quarter figured out, weight training should at least make me stronger, and maybe I won't look like a scrawny little duface anymore. I think I was actually looking healthy after sports camp, but so much for that now.
I think my story is actually going to live, and I will post it later, once it's been released to the entire student population. I don't actually think I'm a great journalist, but that's okay, I'll probably get better, I need to crawl before I can do tripple summersalts off the diving board right?
I'm still not feeling that good, but it's manageable with sudofed. Having ears that don't hear well, isn't fun, but hopefully that'll pass once this stuff is over. Then I'll actually be able to tell if people are to my left or right, front or back.
Mom's a little upset right now because there's some mix up at the chiropractor's office. It's not her fault, and I wish she'd calm down! Stuff happens. If I spent my whole life kicking myself, I'd be black and blue. I'm trying to understand why she does that. She was getting better. Now she's getting worse again.
On a somewhat humorous note for those who know me well, and even for those who sort of do: I'm an idiot! I thought I had to scan some stuff for Econ. Well, I spent 45 minutes on it, restling with Kurzweil and such. Then, I discovered it in my BrailleNote, it'd been there the whole time! I'm so ticked!! It bugs me how ditsy I can be!
It also bugs me how normal school is after Bobby died. Shouldn't the world at least be a little more revrant? Why doesn't anyone seem to care? It could have been any of us, and anyone of us could cause it to happen to another. Shouldn't we extend a helping hand? It just seems wrong! No one seems to care, and there's so much to look at with this. I feel like it's important that my article on warning signs of depression communicate that urgency to the students! It's not about cool promotions for Yellow Ribbon which I think are important and a great way to make students aware. It's not about students saying "I'm so depressed" lightly, and it's not about taking life for granted. Life is a gift and I can't help but think that even the worst times for people, if you really could get inside them, they aren't ready to die. I know last year I felt that way sometimes, but the truth is, I don't now. I've got more to live fore, and it's not about "I shouldn't" which is what it was last year, but I've got God, I've got hopes and dreams, and I honestly believe that it would be selfish to "solve" a temporary problem that way. I guess I'd describe it as hope, and I want to share it with students, I want everyone to know that there's something bigger than the biggest problem. I guess I feel like death should make us think, and we should respect it, not fear it, but respect it and respect those who've faced it. Maybe they shouldn't have, but we should respect them, and make sure that others can face life the same way those who've faced death faced death. I don't think i'm making sense, but I needed to get that down for my own sake.
On some happier notes, it was hot ham and cheese with broccoli cheese and rice soup (one of my very favorites!).
Baxter is starting to figure out that it's not good to go to the bathroom in the house. It's nice to know that this puppy stage won't last. I'm almost completely caught up on stuff that wasn't Brailled or that I missed because I was sick. Of course, I'm not out of the woods yet, I've still got Thursday and possible follow-ups, but I'm hoping we'll figure this out. Then I'll have the energy to go to youth group and hang out with my friends. And when I'm not in pain, I'll be less irritable.
Well, that's all for now.



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