Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Um wow?

So the rest of my day was pretty cool. Hel and I went to the school's convenience store and got some important stuff. Milk, oatmeal, beef stew (yes, it does have vegetables, but hopefully the beef will cancel it out), lunchables, gum and most importantly, Teddy Grahams and Cherry Coke.

We went to the coffee shop which served two purposes. First, It allowed us to catch up more. Then it also helped me use up meal points and learn more about the menu from my dearest sister.

Then, I came back here, got a call from my friend and went to dinner. I had turkey and mashed potatoes which didn't bother my stomach too bad, but all of the spots on my tongue and lips where I've been biting to deal with the pain did protest at the salty turkey. I've been back here for a few hours, and muy friends came and gave me the hugest Valentine ever! They didn't want to leave it without describing it or risk Julio eating it. It really made my day. Then while we were talking about the upcoming injections in my back, one of them made the funniest but most embarrassing comment ever.

And now, I shall close. Bernie's barking because Julio thinks it's a good to randomly plop down hard on my foot. I'm going to try to relax a bit and get to bed in a somewhat timely manner. I need to regain strength so that I'll be ready for next week, even though I still have to get through tomorrow. At least I know I won't be about to cry around every turn from the pain.


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