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Stuff I didn't talk about before.

I wanted to get a few more visual samples to be sure, but it seems my week and a half delve into the world of purple has ended... for now. I don't know if this will continue to be a problem, but I'm glad that it isn't now. In other health related news, one of the ways they measure pain is apparently by looking at blood pressure and pulse. Mine had been much better since I got off Neurontin, but today, I was 152/100 with a pulse of 117. That's higher than I've ever been. I'm hoping I'll be better as far as that is concerned soon.

I did go to that thing in the pulse.
Elizabeth Hunnicutt
lead worship for a conference I attended last year. I liked her then, but didn't buy a CD. She also leads worship at one of the churches I like to worship at when I can. I've never been at a service she leads, but still, I thought I'd check her music out. I didn't really know what to expect, but she has some great songs. I'm going to listen to the CD, but right now, I can tell you that there were two songs that spoke to me very plainly. One talked about how we're not alone when we have hard times and the other talked about how God is okay with our questions. I need to listen to them again.

I was able to eat almost a whole sandwich which is improvement. I'm hoping to be able to eat more tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get some relief and be able to recover from whatever set this off. Part of it could be the change in the weather, part is likely stress and part is definitely the increase in activity that comes with college.

The nurse practitioner said that 16 credits is "a lot" to take. I'm not so sure, it's what a lot of other people are doing and I honestly don't know that I want to take longer to go through school simply because of state funding and all of those fun details. Right now, that's not a concern I need to worry about. I need to get through this semester, then examine where I'm at physically and academically when I register for classes for next fall. We're going to take this one step at a time, even if that involves limping through it.

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