Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


Good things first:

  • Julio and I did the music building route perfectly!

  • I learned that there's a chair in Fontbonne that is available should I arrive early for class. Hopefully, I won't ever need to do this, but if I believe that it's going to be impossible to walk farther, I could just wait there after psych.

  • I am increasing Lyrica which should help me sleep better, help the anxiety/response to stress that seems to be increasing my pain, help the muscle cramps and most importantly, help the nerve pain.

  • I can now use more than one Lidoderm patch if I need to, no more choosing between the bottom and top of my foot for numbing.

  • I never gthought a professor forgetting that I'd have to take a quiz differently would be a positive thing, but today it was. In Music, we took a quiz, but I couldn't because it wasn't accessible. So my professor and I made arrangements for me to take it tomorrow, and I didn't miss anything when I had to leave early! That was a *major* answer to prayer.

  • michael_m made me laugh about my cell phone message which helped me a great deal.

  • My sister is home!

The only bad things were the low battery that died in my BN classic and being really nasious. I should be around for a few hours, but there's something in the pulse I'd love to go to if I can muster the pain tolerance and energy. Thanks everyone for the prayers, I really saw God in this.

I do have a few reflections to post later on, because I want to bounce them around in my head/talk about them more privately.


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