Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Sleep diary for last night/other comments

I got to bed sometime after 11, and I estimated that I didn't fall asleep until maybe 11:20 or later. I started tossing and turning around 6. That's aprox 5.5 hours of sleep. I will bring this up, simply because it's hard to concentrate when you're tired.

In other fun news, I cut myself (unintensionally) while shaving. I didn't know you could get that much blood from a leg. I just flashed back to something I read, I want to say in "Long Time, No See" by Beth Finke. She was shaving and cut herself accidentally and then bled all over, scaring her husband. So, yeah, I hope I didn't do that. Because if I did, it's going to be one embarrassing doctor appointment where I explain that I cut myself. It's so funny, I used to think cuts like that hurt, but I don't even have a place on my pain scale for that. It's like a 0.0000000001 if that. Alright, time for me to get my rear in gear and get going for the day.


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