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Theological thoughts

I figured I'd try to write on the theology stuff we discussed in class today and generally explain that I did survive. This is, in my estimation, a positive thing.

We had to take a quiz which I took orally. It was the professor's idea, since the O'Neill center is closed after 5 and I would have to take the quiz at a different time. She figured it would save me some time, but also said that if I'd rather have it read in the O'Neill Center, that would be fine. I finished before two of the students, so I don't have a problem taking it orally. I did tell her that if I was ever holding the class up, she should tell me and we could arrange for other quizes to be taken at a different time in the O'Neill Center. That way, I wouldn't hold up the class.

Today's class was all about crises, what forms they take and how they are resolved. Basically, we talked about the form of a right of passage (which is similar to a crisis). First, there's the separation from something you no longer need. This can be sad, but also can be joyful or scary. Then, there is the liminality which is the period where you can't go back, but you're not sure how you'll go forward. Finally, there is the resolution where you are okay/comfortable with where you are in life. This lead me to think a lot about my own life, and what crises I've had, both good or bad. Going off to college has been a tough transition, and there are still things I wish I could change. I feel like I'm too dependent on family, but don't really know how I can change that. I know that part of this is my inability to walk for long distances. For instance, I would not have needed Mom's assistance with the medicine today if I could have safely handled the walk to the bus stop without increasing my pain levels even further. Anyway... I digress.

Then we watched this movie I think the title was something like Man, Woman, Child, and it was pretty good. I just like that class and that professor a lot. I finally figured out why I'm confused when I go out of Whitby with my newfound friend/partner in class. For some reason, I didn't remember that I needed to make a right turn. I can be such a dits sometimes, but that's okay, it gives me something to write about in LJ :p.

So now the trick is getting to sleep and staying that way. I'm not going to take bets on if that will actually happen.



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